Bloodthicker is the story of three young men, rappers and friends whose fathers were three of the most influential rappers to ever come out of New Olreans. In the 1990’s and into the 2000’s, Juvenile, B.G., and Soulja Slim put New Orleans on the national and international charts with their own blend of rap, and their unique ability to spin a tapestry of life in the New Orleans housing projects. Today, Young Juve, T.Y., and Lil’ Soulja Slim work steadfast to establish themselves as the new faces of New Orleans rap, balancing individual identity with the inexorable influence of their fathers.

A coming-of-age story set within the world of gangster rap, Bloodthicker focuses on the relationship each young rapper has to their father, weighed against the vastly different circumstances of each man’s life and career – while Juvenile has managed to retain his stature in the rap world, touring most weekends, B.G. succumbed to many of the pitfalls of rap culture, and is currently serving a 14 year sentence in a federal prison. The son of slain rapper, Soulja Slim, Lil’ Soulja Slim welcomes the birth of his daughter into his world.

Bloodthicker tells a unique and visceral story about legacy, and the ways in which each son navigates their careers, moving between spheres of affluence and excess, loss, and the allure of street culture. 


The Rappers

Demetrius “Young Juve” Mac-Grey  |  @youngjuve

The son of Cash Money Records rapper, Juvenile, Young Juve, as Demetrius has come to be called, is on his way to achieving his own recognition through a string of successful online releases. His momentum is only partly due to his father’s support; he’s keen to spend late nights in their shared studio alone, rapping until he loses his voice. He finds himself at home rapping with T.Y. and Lil Soulja Slim, who have come to call themselves the “Ghetto Children.” 


Tyrrin “T.Y.” Blunt  |  @sonofa_gangsta

The son of fellow Cash Money Records rapper, B.G., T.Y. has staked his claim on the Jet Life record label, touring and performing with them across the country. Also known as Son of a Gangsta, T.Y. has become the current embodiment of his father’s work, channeling B.G.’s energy through his tattoos and his arresting persona on and off the stage. Separated from his family in Lake Charles, Louisiana, T.Y. tends toward the comfort of friends and labelmate, Curren$y.  


A'Darryl “Lil’ Soulja Slim” bell  |  @lilsouljaslim

A'Darryl is the son of slain New Orleans rapper, and street legend, Soulja Slim. After the murder of his father at the age of eight, Darrell came under the care of his mother, who raised him in Jackson, Mississippi, and without the guidance of his father, eventually turned to street culture as a means of survival. Now, rapping under the moniker Lil’ Soulja Slim, he hopes this new hustle will provide a more legitimate income, and ensure the safety of his family.